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Welcoming a New Era of Leadership at Wellstone

Today, we announced that Wellstone will have a new Executive Director in Edith Sargon as of May 1st. Ben Goldfarb will continue to serve as Strategic Advisor to the organization through December 2016. We are excited to welcome this new era of leadership at Wellstone. Click through for statements from both Ben and Edith. Thank you for celebrating with us in this moment.

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The Year Ahead

You already know that 2016 is going to be a big year. With a critical Presidential election on the line, we know that protecting our democracy is essential at both the federal and local level – and with your help, we can make sure that all across this country, we are practicing a politics that improves people’s lives.

Here’s what’s on tap for Wellstone in 2016:

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Stand Up, Keep Fighting

Like you, I went to bed too late on Tuesday, November 4, struggling to make sense of the results that were rolling in.

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A picture that tells a story

I have to share this photo with you.

This is what change looks like. This is what a movement growing, and innovating, and evolving looks like. This is what winning looks like.

We’re in Nashville right now, with 25 of the country’s best emerging organizers, to kick off Wellstone Corps. Together, we’re developing the next generation of progressive leaders. Along the way, we’re training them to communicate messages that stick, and to build a volunteer program that strengthens the movement over the long-haul.

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Selfie? Really?

I sent this email out earlier today and thought you might want to see it, too! And if you'd like to get our emails, make sure to sign up for our list.


Was “selfie” really the 2013 word of the year? I’ll admit to taking a few of those myself, but at Wellstone we’d like to propose a different concept for 2014: together.

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Minnesota Makes History, the Wellstone Way

Three weeks ago, on a perfectly sunny and lightly breezy Monday afternoon, I picked up my just-turned-five-year-old daughter from daycare and we made our way to the Minnesota Capitol. 

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