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Historic Campaign Finance Reform Passes, Is Strengthened by Wellstone Measure

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Wellstone Joins Rally for Minnesota Nurses

October 22, Rochester, MN
Senator Wellstone, joined by Minnesota nurses, cheers DFL gubernatorial candidate Roger Moe at the Minnesota Nurses Association Annual Convention in Rochester. Wellstone, who also spoke at the event, has been a leader in the United States Senate on health care and a champion for Minnesota nurses. Wellstone supported efforts by the Minnesota Nurses Association for a fair contract in 2001, proclaiming that nurses should have good jobs, good wages and respect. Wellstone has pushed in the Senate to address the severe shortage of health care workers in the state, including in the nursing industry.

What People are Saying About Sen. Wellstone

State can't afford to lose Sen. Wellstone
The Fargo Forum, October 23, 2002

Minnesota voters - be aware that Sen. Paul Wellstone has a 100 percent voting record with two nonpartisan groups, the League of Conservation Voters (issues of clean air, clean water, conservation of resources for future generations, etc.) and the Friends (Quaker) Committee on National Legislation (issues of social justice, education, military, health care, etc).

Can we afford to lose him to one who works for the party first, not the whole people? If we want to keep a democracy going in our country, where both parties have input, we need to be sure that our very able Wellstone stays in the Senate.

The rights of all the people and the earth we need to live on need to be put above the wishes of the wealthy, anti-planet groups if we are to survive as a democracy and free people.

Nancy A. Jackson
Hoyt Lakes

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Kids Come First -
Sen. Wellstone's
Education Plan

Federal Education Funding Before Additional Tax Breaks for the Wealthy. Paul is fighting to put $2 billion over ten years into Minnesota's schools - where it belongs. Paul knows that educating Minnesota's kids should come before tax breaks for large multi-national corporations and the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers (people making more than $300,000 a year). The clear choice is to eliminate planned tax breaks for the wealthy and put that money into education. This increased funding would allow local schools to hire additional teachers, reduce class-size, modernize public buildings, buy more books and computers, early childhood education and increase parental involvement.

Honor the promise. Paul has proposed a bold plan to help address the fiscal crisis in Minnesota education. The Wellstone Fair Share for Education Plan would honor the federal promise to pay for its share of special education by putting $2 billion into Minnesota K-12 schools to benefit all students over the next 10 years.

Providing Funding to Hire Teachers, School Construction, and After-School Programs. Paul voted for a legislative amendment that would have authorized funding for specific educational purposes, including hiring new teachers, building and repairing schools, and running after school programs.


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