Fighting to Protect Minnesota's Seniors  

Lower the Cost of
Prescription Drugs

Seniors in America pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere else in the world. In Canada, seniors pay almost half as much as Americans for the same drugs. Meanwhile, the profits of drug companies are soaring to record levels. Wellstone is fighting on many fronts to lower the price of prescription drugs:

Stop Undercover Attempts by the Drug Companies to Extend Their Patents
Wellstone worked to stop drug companies from extending their patents on popular and expensive drugs. He stopped an extension for Claritin saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cover Prescription Drugs Under Medicare
Paul Wellstone is fighting for a real prescription drug benefit under Medicare.

Use the Purchasing Power of Medicare Recipients to Negotiate Lower Drug Prices
Paul Wellstone is working to lower prices by using the purchasing power of the 40 million Americans on Medicare to negotiate lower rates.

Allow Americans to Re-import Prescription Drugs from Canada
Canadian seniors pay half what Americans pay for the same drugs. Wellstone fought to lower the cost of prescription drugs, by allowing individuals and pharmacies to import FDA-approved medications.

Limit Taxpayer Subsidies For Drug Company Advertising
Paul has proposed a bill that would not allow a pharmaceutical company to deduct any costs of marketing that exceeds what they spend on research and development.

Strengthen, Not Privatize, Social Security

Unlike his opponent, Paul Wellstone opposes any attempt to privatize Social Security. He is opposed to taking away the guaranteed benefit and exposing seniors to the risks and fluctuations of the stock market. Social Security works, and Paul Wellstone will fight to protect and strengthen the Social Security system, not undermine it.

Maintain the Highest Standards for Nursing Homes

Paul Wellstone voted to maintain strong Federal nursing home standards. Paul Wellstone stood up for Minnesota's seniors and opposed Republican attacks on nursing home standards. He opposed allowing states to obtain waivers that could weaken the enforcement of nursing home standards.

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