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About Wellstone Corps:

Meet the Class of 2014!

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Because leaders are made, not born. And because change only happens when smart, committed people come together to ignite a movement. We’ve created Wellstone Corps.
We are progressives who believe in getting off the sidelines, getting organized, and taking on the big fights for a future worthy of the beauty of our dreams. So that’s exactly what we’re doing.  Wellstone Corps is a pioneering program, building a movement of progressive leaders ready to battle against extreme conservatives - and win - the Wellstone Way. We’re recruiting the best emerging organizers in the country, empowering them with cutting-edge skills and tactics, deploying them from coast to coast, connecting them with a powerful network of political operatives, and partnering with them to win enduring change this November and beyond. 
They won’t do it alone. The cohort will form an instant community, learning from each other, and from deeply experienced campaigners, so they’ll be ready to go, ready to fight, and ready to win. Wellstone Corps kicks off with an intensive five-day training to learn all the ins and outs of winning campaigns. From June-November (and long after Election Day), they’ll connect with each other, and some of the best campaigners in the business, to share best practices, grow their organizing chops, and build our movement.
We’re recruiting and hiring 25 of the most talented emerging organizers from diverse communities across the country. Once they complete their initial training, these leaders will be deployed to strategic and pivotal campaigns where they’ll employ the tools and values of grassroots organizing – Wellstone style - to hold extreme, right-wing conservatives accountable.  
At Wellstone, we believe that sustained progressive change will only happen when we win immediate victories and build enduring power for our movement over the long haul. So after this year’s campaign is over, members of the Corps will be part of something much bigger: a network of alumni and organizations dedicated to winning change and fighting for the world where we all do better when we all do better. 

Wellstone Corps is a program of Progressive Campaign Leadership, an affiliate of Wellstone Action.