Labor Training Program

Labor Training ProgramWellstone Action’s Labor Training Program helps build a strong, strategic, and innovative labor movement through intensive, customized trainings and technical assistance for leaders, rank-and-file members, and staff of national, state, and local labor organizations. We partner with labor organizations that are committed to genuine grassroots organizing and developing new leaders, and who wish to more effectively and strategically mobilize their grassroots power to move a progressive, pro-worker public policy agenda.

Labor Training Program The Labor Training Program works directly with our partners to develop curriculum to meet specific partner needs. We combine this customized approach with Wellstone’s model for building long-term progressive power – what we call the Wellstone Triangle. This model combines long-term grassroots and community organizing with effective electoral strategies to develop strategic campaigns that can effectively contest for power and move a progressive public policy agenda. 

Key principles that we emphasize and develop with groups over time include:

  • Having a clear, long-term strategy for building grassroots capacity and effectively mobilizing it.
  • Fully integrating grassroots organizing, leadership development, and electoral work into your internal organizational culture.
  • Engaging in strategic alliance-building with allied organizations around shared interests and public policy initiatives.
  • Practicing consistent, strategic, values-based messaging that is not solely focused on contracts or union members.
  • Developing sophisticated leadership development practices throughout your organization.

Our labor trainings take four broad directions, depending on the needs of partnering organizations:

  • Strategic Planning and Technical Assistance, to assist partners in developing and implementing strategic organizational action plans that align internal organizational culture with genuine grassroots organizing, leadership development, and power building.
  • Issue Advocacy Training, to provide customized training around issue and advocacy campaigns, including power mapping, campaign planning, values-based messaging, narrative-based organizing, grassroots advocacy and lobbying, and labor-community coalition building.
  • Electoral Training, to provide grassroots electoral skills training for (1) member candidates – to recruit members and move them into a candidate development pipeline that provides them with the core skills required to run and win elected office as a labor candidate; (2) grassroots campaign leaders – to provide the basic skills of grassroots electoral campaigning and campaign messaging; (3) advanced campaign leaders – to move campaigners who already have organizing and electoral experience to the next level of running grassroots electoral campaigns.
  • Grassroots Capacity Building, to provide the skills needed to build local union capacity, develop new leaders, and catalyze membership involvement, including one-on-one and narrative-based organizing; effective message development and communication; volunteer recruitment; leadership development; building local member-driven action teams; and moving issues to action.

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