Campus Camp Wellstone

Campus Camp WellstoneCampus Camp Wellstone is a 1 ½ day grassroots organizer training designed for college students and young people. Our program is nonpartisan, and welcomes both experienced organizers and those who are completely new to activism. Our trainers are young leaders in community organizing, labor, and nonprofit organizations. They represent diverse racial and class communities and a range of social justice issues from labor and economic justice to immigration, LGBTQ equality, cultural healing work, and representations of people of color in the media.

Who should apply?

Young people (aged 18-35) who are interested in building their grassroots organizing skills to win on progressive issues that affect their community, campus, or quality of life.

What to expect:

Campus Camp Wellstone (CCW) is an interactive, high-energy, problem-solving environment for all types of learners. We focus on practicing concrete skills, like strategic planning, power mapping, grassroots organizing, and message development. Our goal is to help more students become effective and skilled organizers by teaching how to successfully recruit and retain volunteers and develop new leadership.

What you should do to get started:

Campus Camp WellstoneCCW is usually co-hosted by a mixture of student groups, student government, and academic departments, and each has between 40-60 participants. Please fill out this campus information form. When we receive your application, we will contact you to learn more about your specific training needs. We'll also help you through the entire process, by talking with your team to develop a plan to recruit students for the training, brainstorming ways to secure funding support, and laying out what needs to be done logistically to make your CCW a terrific success. (Please note: we are no longer accepting applications for the spring 2016 semester. The next available slot for a CCW on your campus is the fall 2016 semester.)

Questions? Talk to us.