Leah E. Olm

Leah serves as the Leadership Giving Officer for Wellstone. In this role, she works to organize, engage, and strengthen Wellstone's major donors to ensure that progressive leaders and organizations all over the country can be trained the Wellstone Way for generations to come.

Leah’s career trajectory can be traced through the Wellstone trainings she’s attended. When she was a lone liberal on the University of Chicago campus, Campus Camp Wellstone gave her the skills she needed to build her own progressive college community. When she was launching her organizing career as an intern at the Oregon Bus Project during the summer of 2006, Wellstone trainers taught her the power of consistent messaging. Leah spent a few years as a political organizer in Minnesota, first with Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and then with TakeAction Minnesota.

And when she was starting her work in development for NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado in 2009, Wellstone Action trainers taught her to power-map. Thanks to those hard skills, she has organized hundreds of allies and raised millions for progressive organizations in the last 10 years. So when Leah says she’s excited to help build the financial future of Wellstone Action, she means it.

Leah returned to Minnesota in 2009, first to work with a local arts organization and then to work for Women Venture, a nonprofit dedicated to helping women create and grow sustainable businesses.

When she’s not organizing money, you can find Leah in her kitchen, covered head-to-toe in flour and blasting Modest Mouse while baking off scones/cookies/cake/pie/bread. Typically you’ll also find her husband, Terin, and her rascally dogfriend, Chelita nearby, waiting patiently for the baking to finish so everyone can go play outside.