Resources to win, thanks to a little help from our friends

April 22, 2014

We’ve just launched a powerful new section of our website, an online resources library filled with helpful calculators, tip sheets, and samples for campaigns that want to run and win the Wellstone Way.

We gathered up the cutting-edge strategies and current best practices to create this toolkit for progressive across the country. And to do it, we built this library the Wellstone Way, by working with the best and brightest campaigners from all over the progressive community.

You’ll see a lot of acknowledgments within many of the individual resources, but I also wanted to a moment to say thanks to everyone who’s expertise, experience, and smarts contributed to this project.

First, Teal Media developed a gorgeous library that’s easy to navigate, powerful to engage with, and fun to learn from.

Our lead consultant Sujata Tejwani and our good friend Beth Davidson led the effort to write and compile these documents, while Erik Peterson, our Director of Strategic Initiatives (we’re still trying to convince him to join Twitter), helped hone the final drafts.

We worked with some of the smartest political operatives in the business including, John Hagner, Karen Gasper, Liz Brown, Laura Packard and PowerThru Consulting, Dean Nielsen and Cerillion N4 Partners, Adnaan Muslim and Mission Control LLC, Karen Petel and Petel & Co., Martha McKenna and Jennifer Pihlajia of McKenna Pihlajia, Adelstein | Liston, Erica Walters of Terris Barnes Walters, Will Robinson and Tierney Hunt of The New Media Firm, and Gumbinner-Davies Communications.

Thanks to them all. Now explore the resources and let us know what you think! Oh yeah, and win.