Selfie? Really?

March 6, 2014

I sent this email out earlier today and thought you might want to see it, too! And if you'd like to get our emails, make sure to sign up for our list.


Was “selfie” really the 2013 word of the year? I’ll admit to taking a few of those myself, but at Wellstone we’d like to propose a different concept for 2014: together.

Together, because with your support today, we will engage and empower more organizers, activists, campaigners, and candidates to advance progressive values in 2014. Because in 2014, together we’re going to grow, and innovate, and win a national wave of progressive victories in November. 

Despite a political system widely perceived as broken, a Congress that is (at best) “do nothing”, and huge barriers to fair elections thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United and voting rights decisions, progressives are organizing, uniting, and winning. 
That’s why we’re partnering with leading frontline organizations to protect and advance voting rights. And that’s why we’ve created a pipeline to train college students to become top-notch organizers, and then place them into opportunities to become permanent members of the movement. 
We’ll win together, the Wellstone Way. Let’s get to work towards victory in 2014, 2016, and beyond.