Here's What's Coming Up

January 28, 2014
Last year was big for us. We celebrated our 10th birthday by leading over 130 trainings in 29 states, preparing thousands of the nation’s top progressives to win the Wellstone Way. So I wanted to take a second to give you a quick update about what we have planned for 2014, and let you know a few ways you can stay connected with us.
As we dive into 2014, we are so thankful to our supporters, alumni, trainers, staff (and office dog, #hashtag) who made 2013 rock for us. But mostly we are looking forward because this election year is going to be busy, impactful, exciting, and important for progressives across the country – and we’re taking the Wellstone Way of winning on the road like never before.
Because here’s the thing, when it comes to the tough races coming up in 2014, we don’t just want to win, we want to win the right way. And that means building a movement that lasts long after an election is behind us.  
That’s why we’ll spend 2014 focused on:
Building youth leadership pipelines in states including Texas and Ohio to plug highly trained young Americans into top grassroots organizations on their campuses and in their communities. 
Traveling the country from Nevada to DC to equip America’s workers to be fierce advocates for fair pay and a fair shot at the middle-class.
Partnering with frontline organizations in North Carolina, Kansas, California, and New Mexico (to name just a few!) to empower underrepresented communities to turn out, speak up, and win progressive change that truly reflects our changing country.
Hosting nearly a dozen Camp Wellstones to give people in every corner of the country the chance to learn what winning the Wellstone Way really looks like – and then go do it. 
So listen,  thanks for being part of our community in 2013, and for sticking with us in the year ahead. Stay connected with us in 2014: are you on Facebook, why don’t you like us? On Twitter, how about you follow us?
Let’s get to work. And this year, like every year, let’s win the Wellstone Way.