You're the Best, Patty

December 12, 2013

Last week, we said goodbye to Patty – after 10 years volunteering with Wellstone Action and many years of campaigning with Senator Wellstone, Patty’s going to be spending more time with her family, including a new grandchild!

Yes, we’ll miss all the work Patty put in helping to process credit card donations. But, much more importantly, we’ll miss her joy, her positive spirit, and we’ll definitely miss her stories.

It turns out, when you spent more than a couple hours on the big green bus with Senator Wellstone and his campaign team, you’re bound to have a bunch of good stories. There’s the one about thatfreezing cold day when Senator Wellstone had the bus stop so he could march in a picket line in solidarity with a group of workers. And plenty of great stories about countless parades, meet-and-greets, and canvass kick offs. 

But our favorite story? Next time you see her, say thanks for her incredible years of service, and then ask Patty about the time she caught Paul Wellstone by the seat of his pants!