Sally Miller

Sally is currently a Project Manager at Grassroots Solutions where she works on movement building, planning and implementation for clients up and down the electoral scale as well as lending her expertise in running large scale field, membership engagement and training programs.

Sally started her career answering the phones for Senator Paul Wellstone’s United States Senate office in Washington, DC where she learned when to turn on the accent and when not to.  Sally spent the next several years working for Senator Wellstone and his wife Shelia and eventually went on to run several local and statewide campaigns in Minnesota.  In 2003, she joined the Service Employees International Union where she was the Director of Government Affairs for a large public sector local union in Los Angeles, CA and went on to be the National Political Director for the South and Southwest Region of SEIU based out of Chapel Hill, NC.  Sally ran local, state and federal electoral, legislative and organizing campaigns on behalf of SEIU in most of the battleground states and states within the South and Southwest.  She can now go from “ya, you betcha” to “hey y’all” very easily.   

Growing up in Buffalo, MN, the youngest of four kids with a football coach for a father, Sally hasn’t lost her competitive spirit.  She is a two time champion in her all female fantasy football leagues and hasn’t met a card or board game she doesn’t like!  She loves weekend trips to New York City or the North Carolina Beaches and tries to see as much live music and as many movies as possible.   Sally loves the farmers market on a Saturday morning that leads to a big family style dinner with friends later that night.  She also makes a mean Manhattan that she learned working her way through college as a bartender and spending her summers driving  the bar cart at a private country club where she discovered she doesn’t like golf or private clubs!