• Rosi Efthim

    I didn't know Paul and Sheila. I owe them both immensely.

  • Steve Linnerooth

    I saw Paul at the State Fair a couple of times. I always felt as long as I voted that was good enough. I even kept quiet at work and in social situations when Paul was unfairly criticized because I felt that it just wasn't worth it to point out what was wrong in the thinking of those opposed to Paul. After Paul and Sheila and the others were killed in the plane crash, at ...

  • Mindy Christianson

    Learning about Paul Wellstone's legacy inspired me to get involved in politics. I attended the first Camp Wellstone in the campaign track. I went on to intern at Grassroots Solutions and then became the Greater Minnesota volunteer organizer for America Coming Together. While I am now teaching high school English, I remain politically active and engaged. I am grateful that ...

  • George Greene

    I missed an opportunity to meet Paul at a Business Democrats meeting. Not long after that he was gone. My immediate thought was "Who will do the fearless work he does" and my very next thought was "What the heck am I doing?" So I got active. And I've tried to be as fearless while still retaining a calm civility just like Paul.

  • Patrick H

    My involvement in the political process was really shaped by what Paul did in the Senate and stood for while serving the people of Minnesota.

  • Cammie Clark

    I feel unfortunate to have never had the pleasure of meeting Paul or Sheila. However, I continue to promote and support their organizing tactics.

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