Liv A. Anderson

When I was 9 I went into the voting booth with my mom, at the time a Republican. I noticed that she had voted for someone who was on the Democrat part of the ballot. I thought she had made a mistake. She told me that while Paul Wellstone was a Democrat he was the person she agreed with because he stood for what he believed in and supported the people in Minnesota. I was 15 when their plane crashed. About a month before that I had started volunteering for his campaign with my parents' blessing. It was the first political campaign I had ever volunteered for. I was devastated. When the first Camp Wellstone occurred, one of my high school teachers got me in to the program. I later got the chance to participate in Campus Camp Wellstone at the University of Wisconsin. Since then I've served as a Teach for America corps member and this fall I'm starting grad school at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.