RootsCamp 2018

RootsCamp is here.

Register for an interactive gathering where YOU are in charge of the agenda. Be a part of an "unconference" where participants design all sessions. As a movement organization, we want to bring together leaders from all parts of the movement – organizers, campaigners, data directors, you name it – and have a dynamic exchange of ideas. 

Electoral Politics. Movement Technology. Grassroots Organizing. Digital Strategy. Capacity Building. 

RootsCamp is where all of these facets of our movement meet. This year, we're choosing to zero in on what it means to practice a more inclusive politics and think about ways that we can transform our democracy so that our people win and collectively thrive. We're interested in expanding our understanding of what justice looks like for all our people, and equipping our leaders with the skillsets, tools, and frameworks to take this on and thrive. That might sound a little different to you from years past. And here's why:

Because no matter what our work might look like, we see this as imperative and an undeniable call to leadership. 

Register for RootsCamp today. We'll learn from one another, dream up new ideas, make lasting connections, and strengthen our networks. 

What will RootsCamp look and feel like?

Over the weekend, you'll be able to participate in caucuses and sessions of your choosing. In the past, participants have come from all over the country (and even around the globe!) The unique intersection of movement and political spaces means you'll have the possibility to experience a wide variety of perspectives -- ranging from data organizers from some of the biggest national campaigns to the campaigners who helped change the makeup of the Baltimore City Council. You'll see climate change organizers sharing best practices with worker's rights advocates from Minnesota. You'll hear from women of color creatives using their art as public narrative, talking to digital organizers on how to apply these principles in their electoral campaigns to engage new voters.

It’s also a rare opportunity for Beltway insiders to interact directly with those fighting on the front lines -- and to have an honest discussion about what worked, what didn’t, and how we grow stronger together.

What’s My Role?

Your perspective is unique. Whether you develop and lead a session, or participate in the conversation, we hope you’ll come and share your experiences, knowledge and skills. You won’t just be networking and attending discussions: you’ll be helping define our work over the coming years by sharing the lessons you learned this year. 

Access and Travel Stipends:

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to participation, so we keep the registration fee as low as possible for RootsCamp. But there are real costs involved in hosting such an engaging and dynamic event. If you'd like to learn more about how you can sponsor bringing other organizers to the event, meals, electricity, A/V or something else, please contact us at

Wellstone Action wants to make attending RootsCamp possible for everyone in our movement. We are able to offer a limited number of travel stipends (from free admission to up to $300 in travel reimbursement) for folks who need financial assistance in order to attend. You can apply for free admission or a travel stipend here

Interested in volunteering at Rootscamp?

We have opportunities for free admission in exchange for working a certain number of volunteer hours. This allows you to participate in the event AND help us fill important roles to make the event a success! Sign up here to be on our volunteer contact list and we'll follow up in the next few weeks with more details on volunteer tasks and opportunities!

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