Carin Schiewe

Carin Schiewe is the Principal, Democracy Projects at Wellstone.  She provides strategic planning, training, coaching and organizing support to the frontline groups who are fighting for judicial independence, voting rights and a stronger, more vibrant democracy. Previously, she was the Senior Project Manager for Wellstone’s Fair Courts project.
She comes with over 30 years of experience as an organizational leader, electoral campaigner, organizer and trainer.  After getting her start as a canvasser and community organizer with the Citizen Action network in Massachusetts, Carin moved on to serve as a lead organizer for the state NARAL affiliate where she also received her electoral training.  Following this, she helped launch the Commonwealth Coalition, a statewide community/labor alliance in Massachusetts that recruited, trained and elected progressive legislators.  Over the 13 years Carin served as executive director, the coalition won 75% of its endorsed races, helped elect the state’s first Latino and Haitian-American law makers,  played a key role in creating Massachusetts’ first independent political Latino organization, won a statewide ballot initiative for comprehensive campaign finance reform and founded a voter empowerment organization that continues to be a major hub for community based organizations engaged in the civic arena in Massachusetts.
After starting a family Carin worked for 8 years as one of four regional directors with Northeast Action, a progressive movement building center that provided capacity building and strategic support to affiliated organizations in the New England states. During this time, she also played key consulting and training roles with a range of local and national foundations developing and running programs to advance civic engagement, movement building and leadership of color.  
Before joining the Wellstone team, Carin served as a regional field director with USAction, a national organization fighting to advance economic and social justice and revitalize democracy. She provided strategic planning, training and coaching support to staff and leaders in nine affiliated states. 
Carin lives with her husband and son in Boston, MA and is an avid artist, athlete and dog-owner.