• David Bednarczuk

    I first met Paul Wellstone in 1988 when he was co-chair of Jessie Jackson's presidential campaign in Minnesota. I had had some limited contact with him after he became Senator, but I'm sure I was just one of the hundreds of people he worked with every day. On one of the occasions when we shook hands he looked at me and said, "You're from the Iron Range, aren't you?" I ...

  • Martin Flores

    Paul wellstone is an ideal form me because I believe firms in resisting oppression and my dear Senator was fighting against it; he was ready for political combat, but the U.S. government just wasn't having mixed feelings and how his tributes will affect the "special interests". I am all for change, most americans are far far away from government and fine with I deem that ...

  • Bob Luttman

    I didn't live in Minnesota. I never met you. But to me, and so many others, you represented what it meant to be a Democrat. To be a Progressive.

    You were our generation's great Progressive. The latest in a long line of Prairie Progressives, going back to Norris and La Follette a hundred years ago.

    But, not only did you inspire us, you taught us. Taught us how to run ...

  • Therese Selissen

    The "Wellstonian" spirit came through last night - can't help but think how excited and happy he would be at last night's election results! His spirit lives on in the grassroots efforts made by ordinary citizens because they know politics makes a difference in the lives of every day people. We are never parking the bus!

  • Louis "Jamie" Christopher

    Almost 20 years ago I sat at my ex-girlfriend's graduation from the UCLA School of Public Health and listened to Senator Wellstone's speech to the graduates. It touched me deeper than any speech I had ever heard before, and to this day I recall the key line, "you should be an advocate for what you do." He continues to inspire me, and he has pushed me, at this middle stage ...

  • dianne moore

    I am writing a play titled Wellstone:THE MUSICAL and submitting a sample medley from the musical (I am not sure how to add this link)


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