• Jen Vanek

    I'm thinking about the tremendously positive impact of the Wellstones. So much accomplished in such a short time. It makes me feel wistful for what could have been. Doing my best to live the legacy one day at a time.

  • Kevin Sullivan

    A truly great man who communicated well to all.
    A leader who inspired; a real motivator
    Clear headed and wise.
    And always looked out for the little guys (and gals).
    We miss you Paul.

  • David Essling

    God Bless everyone who was lost in the crash. Senator Wellstone, thank you for your service to Minnesota and this great nation of ours. Your legacy and your progressive values live on and thrive to this day. Thank you for watching over us all from above. God Bless.

  • Joe Langley

    Paul inspired my to run for office for the first time at 60 years of age.

    I copied one of his videos as a tribute and also to defeat my opponent.

    No one ever did it like Paul but I did the very best that I could.

    I do however think that Paul would have liked my trailer.

    My movie was produced with a $59.00 camera from Walmart.

    May we never forget a truly ...

  • Natasha Hull-Richter

    By Natasha Hull-Richter (age 11),

    When leaders wouldn't lead
    And the country was in need,
    Wellstone chose to take a stand
    Reaching out a helping hand.

    With the wisdom of a Franklin,
    The eloquence of Jefferson,
    The Courage of a Kennedy,
    He fought for peace for you and me.

    As heroic as Washington,
    As honorable as Lincoln,
    As inspiring ...

  • Aaron Blechert

    I was videotaping while he was talking to a group of folks at his St. Paul Senate office (I think it was '93) when an elderly woman lost consciousness and collapsed. Senator Wellstone jumped over to where she was, cradled her head and directed someone to go dial 9-1-1. He stayed with her until help arrived. She was revived and had full conciousness. He ALWAYS looked out ...

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