• Sheila Evans

    I have 3 vignettes about Paul and Sheila's inspiration and impact on my life:

    1. I will never forget the moment I first saw Paul Wellstone - he was practically jumping up and down on the Senate floor clearly stating his opposition to the first Iraq War. It was on C span; I was a low income single mom, living in tough circumstances in NH, and I was so grateful to this ...

  • Ann S. Harris

    It still makes me sad to think of them losing their lives in a storm on the way to celebrate a friend's marriage (right?). So I send money to you annually to keep their activism alive - this country needs many Paul and Sheila Wellstones to keep it moving towards fairness and justice for all. It has a long way to go. That makes me sad too.

  • Amy Schneidhorst

    Paul Wellstone inspired me to fight against cynicism and modeled how to use my education to support others in their struggles.

  • Shelia Canfield-Jones

    Inspirational and innovative. People who truly reached from their hearts to inspire. It started at my first Wellstone class and carried me through this day, As in their example I look for candidates that are true public servants. People willing to break the barriers of political polarization and fight for the ordinary. I have spent the last 7 years of my life Thanking ...

  • Michael Jonak

    Yes, I remember where I was--in Grand Rapids (MN), in my car, on the way to court--when I heard the news that Paul and Sheila and all the others had died. I had met Sheila a number of times through our common work in support of victims of domestic violence; I knew Paul both as the head of the "democratic wing of the Democratic party," and as that crazy little guy offering ...

  • Candy Hazen

    What an inspiring and fearless Senator Paul Wellstone was. We need his leadership today. He inspired some current legislators and members of Congress to stand up for their beliefs regardless of the circumstances. This is what he did when George W Bush pushed for war in Iraq during a period after 911 when anyone speaking against the President was called Un-American. We need ...


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