• Anonymous -

    I struggle every October and it always hits me that this is the time we lost so much. Paul and Sheila are an incredible example of standing up for what is just and fair. When I door knocked a week before the crash, we were setting up the maps for the knock and Sheila Wellstone came into the room put her hand on my shoulder and thanked me for being there supporting her ...

  • Eric Willman

    Senator Paul Wellstone's doggedly determined campaign to further the progressive social, economic and political agenda has been an exemplary demonstration for me of multi-level activism and effective work for positive change. With his tragic passing it is incumbent upon we who follow to take up the torch and march on, doing all that we can in his tradition. Senator ...

  • Shane Murphy

    True public service. He was thoughtful and right. I'm either naive to think his outspoken principles did not cost the lives of himself and those around him - or cynical to think it did. I pray for the latter. Either way, he inspires me.

  • George Fairfax

    Every time that I hear a debate; every time I consider who will be our next president; every time I see the gridlock, I think of Paul Wellstone and try to find someone who comes close to his talents. We can still learn from his vision to guide us in these troubling times.

  • Deidre Kellogg Ketroser

    Though I had volunteered in politics since my teen years, it wasn't until I met this extraordinary man, sitting in a booth by himself (a rarity) in Northfield, MN one morning, that I knew I had met my mentor. I worked on all three of his Senate campaigns, and my life has never been the same. So many lessons learned from Paul were not just political ones, but life lessons. ...

  • Marjorie Trifon

    I want to thank all connected to Wellstone Action for carrying on the ethical and spiritual legacy of Paul and Sheila. Their deaths were a huge hole in Progressive fighters for justice and equity for all our citizens. I cannot help but think how like Paul is the authentic straight-shooter that is Bernie Sanders. I honor the souls and spirit of Paul Wellstone and his ...


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