Julie Lee

I moved to Minnesota in 1983 and I was married in 1984. For a long time, I thought my life was about carpooling to work with my husband every day, collecting a paycheck to help support our family while raising our children together; thinking that someday I would retire when my boss retired. My professional life came to a sudden stop after I was wrongfully fired from my job in 1995. Shortly after my devastating experience, Senator Paul Wellstone came into my life by sending me a letter indicating that he was furious about people like me not participating in politics.

Surprisingly, despite the lack of political knowledge on my part, I actually understood his point, concerns and worry and I was scared. Today, it remains one of my biggest regrets that I did not save the letter. I was quite involved in Wellstone's 2002 Senate re-election campaign. I attended fundraiser parties, participated in different political gatherings, walked in the parade, rode in the green bus, volunteered in St. Paul campaign headquarter and making phone calls. We even went to the Crystal airport to pick Paul up once. I had met them, greeted them, hugged them, studied them so I knew them. It was my dream to have a picture taken with both Paul and Sheila and today that picture is placed in our living room, this is how they have been memorialized. Julie wouldn't be Julie today without Wellstone's inspiration without a doubt. Paul Wellstone is truly one of a kind!