Cynthia Kafut-Hagen

I went for training several years ago. It was invaluable for me to get the courage together to run for office. My only contact with Paul Wellstone was a letter I wrote him shortly after he won the first time. I am an artist/hairstylist living and working in Hibbing, which is in Northern Minnesota's Iron Range. Paul had made the paper because a hairstylist in the cities area told him that he was a senator now and should have a professional cut his hair instead of having his wife Sheila cut it. They made a big to do about it and how much it cost etc. I wrote him and told him he should come to Hibbing and have me cut his hair because it was quite a bit cheaper. I think my salon was charging about seven dollars for a cut at the time. I also told him that I appreciated his courage for standing up for peace. He was the only senator in Washington at the time with the guts to stand up and be against the war in the gulf.

You remember with the first Bush president, that short war that was over quickly. Not the one we are in now that shows no sign of ever being over. Back in the 60’s there were Hawks and Doves in DC. All I see there now are Hawks. We need more Doves in DC. All we are saying is give peace a chance. Paul had the courage to do that. I sent that letter off with no expectations and received a reply from Senator Wellstone. He thanked me for writing and passed on the haircut. I think I told him that Sheila did a better job than the Pro cut anyway. He thanked me for my thoughts on his stance on war. That letter is one of my prized possessions.