Kate Fellman

I was an intern on the Paul Wellstone Campaign in 2002. At the time I was a new mother, working full time and trying to finish my college degree. I was so lucky to work for a Senator like Paul, who didn't always do the popular thing, but always did the right thing. Along with everyone else who worked on that campaign and his constituents, you always knew where he stood. I thank him for being my progressive mentor, and think of Paul often when I need a moral/political compass. I am now living in the wonderful progressive city of Durham, North Carolina. I believe my work would do Paul and Shelia proud. I'm working as an organizer for a progressive community based organization that fights for social and economic justice.

Paul showed me that integrity, hard work, and putting people first would lead to success. Not everyone is going to agree with positions I take, but they know where I stand and know that I do my work out of love for my community and my believe that politics is simply about doing right for people. I would like to thank Paul and Sheila for being my progressive inspiration for a life of service to my community.