Linda Winsor

Paul never lost touch with regular people. He always remembered the names of our children and asked how they were doing. It wasn't a formality. He deeply cared about our families and knew that he had a responsibility to work for bettering regular people's lives. Paul rarely took vacations. One year, a family vacation was planned on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Paul talked about it for weeks. I saw him a few days before his vacation and wished him a happy time. He looked in my eyes and said that he was headed to the Red River Valley instead, as the flood victims needed his attention more than he needed a vacation.

While I have worked in politics and advocacy for my whole life, I have never met an elected official that was so honest, sincere, hardworking, and in touch with regular folks. Paul gave me hope and I knew that our country would be better with him as a senator. I talked with Paul at the gym a few hours before the crash. I was in shock when I heard the terrible news. Days later, my young son said, "Mommy, we lost our senator and a friend." It broke my heart. I became a founding member of Wellstone Action and continue to support its important work. We need integrity in our candidates and elected officials more than ever. Wellstone Action gives me hope. Thank you.