• Nina Mukherji

    I was on a bus to D.C. to protest the Iraq war with other students from Carleton College when I heard that the Wellstones had died. We felt we had lost one of the few people who was holding the torch for peace in government. The protest was in some ways a memorial service for us-- a rite that allowed us to do something with our grief and affirm our commitment to Senator ...

  • Farah Baqai

    The Wellstone experience helped me in developing a message to voters about the importance of a progressive political agenda for their lives.

  • Irene Lin

    Has it already been 10 years? And still my eyes tear and well up at the thought that Paul and Sheila are no longer with us. In those 10 years, I liked to think I have continued in the best of the Wellstone tradition to fight for social and economic justice--particularly for family farmers. We lost one of our best and most prophetic voices for rural America. Now I'm in Iowa ...

  • Robin W Smith

    I never had the pleasure of meeting the Wellstone's but found it interesting that the day after I had completed the training in Detroit, MI this year, I heard his name referenced by Joan Walsh on one of the MSNBC morning programs.

  • Deborah Goldsmith

    Progressive values and political principles applied with determination, wisdom and positivism to great effect. Only Bernie Sanders stands forth today.

  • Nicholas Snavely

    Citizen Activism, Advocacy & Organizing training taken January 13 to 15, 2012. Great training!

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