• Jay Cats

    15 years later and I still use Senator Paul Wellstone as the eminent example of what a politician should be about.

  • Patrick Siegrist

    I had the pleasure of meeting Paul on a few occasions but it was only recently that my firm was hired to document the memorial working on a project for the artist, Philip Rickey, who created the memorial.

    We spent two days on location documenting the entire site. It is used as one segment to a new story of Philip's project for the University of Norte Dame. I thought ...

  • Deidre Kellogg

    I first met Paul at a coffee shop in Northfield, MN, where he was living at the time, teaching at Carleton College. I had heard of him, he seemed fascinating, so I went up and introduced myself. He was so welcoming and we had a delightful conversation. The next time we saw each other was at the start of his first run for the Senate. I went to HQ and asked what was needed, ...

  • Christopher Jurewitsch

    To me, Paul isn't just an inspiration, but a role model for change. He was proof that organizing people and resources together can make significant progress in our country. He showed us that we must work together and united to make that progress, and put principles and values first before selfishness and greed. Most importantly, he taught us to have the compassion to do ...

  • Don Perlgut

    I published the following tribute to Paul Wellstone in the "Australian Jewish News" (printed on November 8, 2002).

    It seems to have passed without much notice here in Australia, but one of the great progressives of American politics died on Friday October 25th. Senator Paul Wellstone, the unabashedly liberal-progressive, fiery, passionate two-term senior Jewish senator ...

  • Fred Koegel

    Paul Wellstone was my activist and political hero. I will never forget him. Sometimes when I say to myself why am I still fighting for the common good? I think.....what would Wellstone do? Stand up and fight. Love you Paul.


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