Letter from Dave and Mark Wellstone

Not long after our parents’ tragic death in the final days of their last campaign, we gathered with our folks’ closest friends and supporters. Out of our shared responsibility to carry on their work and advance their social justice goals, Wellstone Action was born.

At the time, we had no idea the impact their legacy would have as it lived on through the work of Wellstone Action. That the staff and organizers would go on to train tens of thousands of people—some who knew our parents, and some who were simply inspired by them—all aspiring to make their communities a better place, was beyond our wildest expectations. We’ve met so many people who tell us they couldn’t have done this work without Paul and Sheila’s vision, and without the training and skills they received from Wellstone Action.

Today, we continue to be inspired by the committed individuals that Wellstone Action has trained and prepared—the ones who take risks to run for office, those who volunteer on progressive campaigns, the community leaders, the organizers. Our parent’s vision is still a reality because of all of you who’ve stepped through Wellstone Action’s doors.

It’s not just training. Wellstone Action continues to be involved in the issues our parents fought for, the social and economic justice that continues to elude all too many. Our dad used to say, he “wasn’t for the Rockefellers, he was for the little ‘fellers.’” We know he would be proud that we continue working with real people, on the ground - the people most impacted by politics, but whose voices are rarely heard and often ignored.

Whether you’re a founding member of Wellstone Action, or just discovering us, we sincerely thank you for your investment in the future of the progressive movement. We couldn’t do any of this work without your support. We’re grateful that our parents’ legacy is stronger than ever, with thousands of people around the country practicing their version of politics, in our communities and in Congress. You inspire us to continue fighting the good fight, and striving for that world where “we all do better when we all do better.”

-Dave and Mark Wellstone