Legacy Giving

You who support Wellstone Action already know the power of legacy. Paul and Sheila’s work, cut short much too soon, didn’t end with their deaths. Those who loved them most made certain that the Wellstones’ values would continue – in communities, in campaigns, and in candidates who step forward every day to create a country where politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.

From our beginnings in a humble, one-room office, Wellstone Action has grown to become the largest, most-trusted progressive political training organization in the country. We teach people every day how to win, the Wellstone Way. It’s a leadership of values, grounded in a love for people and a belief that only we can make our country better – for our families, for our loved ones, and for each other – for years to come.
You have made this legacy possible. Thanks to you, Wellstone Action has recruited, trained, and supported 70,000 progressive leaders in all 50 states. Can you see it? The tens of thousands of people practicing Paul and Sheila’s politics in every corner of the country? And that’s just what we’ve done so far. Just imagine what we can do together over the next generation. Your choice to make a legacy gift to Wellstone Action is a generous tribute to the pioneering vision and power of the Wellstones’ unfinished work, and a certain path to ensuring a future where “we all do better when we all do better.”

For more information about giving a legacy gift to Wellstone in the form of a bequest, stocks, or as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or retirement account, read our how-to guide! 

Paul and Sheila’s lives were defined by an unrelenting belief that we could do better for people. Wellstone Action is honored to carry that legacy forward, through the generosity of our Wellstone Legacy Circle members.
If you have already included us in your long-term plans, please let us know so we can thank you personally. If you are interested in learning more about legacy giving opportunities, please feel welcome to contact us here:

Leah E. Olm
Leadership Giving Officer

Andy Fuller
Director of Development