We’re winning that future where we all do better when we all do better. We train progressive leaders to spark change and grow power. We add strategic capacity to frontline organizations and transform our movement, nationwide. We fight for progress the Wellstone Way: one candidate, one campaigner, and one organizer at a time. We’re winning immediate change that builds enduring progressive power. Here’s how:

Where Wellstone's Winning

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Developing Public and Political Leadership in the States

Let’s be clear: communities of color, recent immigrants, the LGBTQ community, women, Native communities, and young people are too often shut out of the political process, and even the progressive movement. That’s why Wellstone supports progressives across the country to create a pathway from community leaders to elected officials, and change the choices on Election Day. We create leadership pipelines by partnering with organizations in the states to recruit progressive leaders to run. We equip them, and their teams, with the skills, tactics and confidence to run (and win!) through trainings like Camp Wellstone. And then we support them beyond Election Day to govern the Wellstone Way.

Reclaiming and Expanding Our Democracy

Our democracy is under attack from conservatives who spend millions to disenfranchise voters, gerrymander districts, and politicize our courts. The rules of the game are stacked against progress. And the very foundation of America’s democracy is at stake. So we’re making sure the rules of the game support our communities, our values, and our collective future. We’re doing it the only way we know how: by strategically collaborating with diverse partner organizations and stakeholders to build coalitions, coordinate, innovate, and mobilize to reclaim that democracy where everyone’s in, nobody’s out, no exceptions.

Strengthening Movements for Social, Racial, Economic, and Gender Justice

Too often, our communities are sliced and diced by campaigns looking for quick votes or a few volunteers, only to move out the day after an election. But winning enduring progress means sticking around and building up communities for the long-run. That’s where Wellstone comes in. The Wellstone Way of building enduring progressive power means supporting organizers for years to come, to grow the roots of our movement. It means being a strategic partner to leading frontline organizations on the ground to build systematic change through coaching, collaboration, strategic planning, and technical assistance. It means partnering with communities day-by-day, year-by-year.

Creating Youth and Movement Leadership Pathways

Real progress takes a sustained commitment to develop the leadership skills of emerging changemakers. So we engage passionate, emerging organizers and equip them with the skills to create our better future, together. What’s that look like? It looks like fellowships that train dozens of organizers, and has their backs throughout an intense campaign and for a lifetime in the movement. It looks like Campus Camp Wellstones that give students the tools to win change in their communities and then a network to pursue a career in progressive politics across the country. We’re creating a national movement of emerging leaders and investing in them for generations to come.

Winning Progress on Ballot Measures

Along with our partners at Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Wellstone campaigners are playing offense to win on some of our country’s most enduring struggles, from marriage equality to reproductive rights, gun control to earned sick leave. And they’re doing it the Wellstone Way, by executing ballot measure campaigns that excite the progressive base and weave in our time-tested strategies for winning on Election Day.

Equipping Data and Digital Practitioners

Developing the next generation of data and digital strategists is massively important in today's political environment and in our broader push to win justice for every community. We’re teaching tech skills that are crucial to the success of a modern campaign and weaving these together with Wellstone's trusted organizing principles that demand personal, on-the-ground engagement with our neighbors and neighborhoods.

What We Do

We’re up against conservatives who will stop at nothing to weaken our power, and create an America where everyone’s on their own. So it’s not good enough to be right; we must win. And we must win in the right way, by practicing a politics that improves people’s lives – igniting immediate change through elections and campaigns; engaging with partners to make change in our communities; and building enduring progressive power. We do it in two critical ways: transforming today’s political leadership structures and strengthening movement organizations on the ground.

Over the past 14 years, we’ve...

Trained 86k progressive leaders
Propelled 1,000 alumni into elected office
Guided 4,500 winning campaigns
Engaged 400 partner organizations
Inspired 26k donors

We are rooted by our philosophy

They all go together. Electoral politics without grassroots organizing is a politics without a base. Grassroots organizing without electoral politics can be a marginal politics. And grassroots organizing and electoral politics without policy is a movement without a direction.

Senator Paul Wellstone

We are rooted in Paul and Sheila’s legacy of weaving together electoral politics, community organizing, and progressive public policy to create lasting change that improves people’s lives. It’s called the Wellstone Triangle and it anchors everything we do.

Thank you Wellstone Action for training me in grassroots organizing. It truly works! I am very thankful for the Native American Leadership Program as it was my path to success. t'igwicid - thank you!

Theresa Sheldon

Elected Member of the Tulalip Tribes Council
The skills and strategies I learned through Wellstone Action gave me the confidence I needed to take that next step, to continue on this path toward public service – and to believe that I could actually win”

Rena Moran

Minnesota State Representative
I worked really hard to be here. I survived cancer. I am a Vietnamese-American. I am an American. I am so grateful for what Wellstone Action has given me: a framework on how to be of better service.

My Tam Nguyen

Camp Wellstone Alum

Join us. Together, we’ll win progress, the Wellstone Way.