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Developing Our Movement’s Data and Digital Practitioners
Intro to Movement Tech

Why this Work Mattters

Developing the next generation of data and digital strategists is massively important in today's political environment and in our broader push to win justice for every community. We’re teaching tech skills that are crucial to the success of a modern campaign and weaving these together with Wellstone's trusted organizing principles that demand personal, on-the-ground engagement with our neighbors and neighborhoods.
When organizers have the support and ability to effectively use movement technology, they’re able to create efficiencies in their work and build a deeper impact with their communities. Which is where the power in this movement really comes from—people who are empowered to share their lived realities and creative voice with others to make concrete improvements in people’s lives. 

What We’re Doing

Wellstone's Movement Technology focus includes intensive skills trainings in five areas—data, digital organizing, analytics, coding, and design—and creates a leadership pathway for those entering into a campaign or seeking to accelerate and grow their campaign leadership role.
  • Data and Analytics Camp: The difference between winning and losing often comes down to data. How information about voters is collected, managed, and utilized determines the direction and power of a campaign. Data BootCamp provides the skills organizers need to drive metrics-based programs and steer organizational decisions based on hard data.
  • Digital Organizer School: This four-day training empowers and educates progressive leaders in digital organizing frameworks, strategy, and tactics. Our dual-track curriculum accommodates practitioners at various entry points, blending digital, tech, and organizing strategies to help campaigners and activists build winning online and offline campaigns.
  • Camp Wellstone: In 2017, we are piloting a new Intro to Movement Technology track at two Camp Wellstone trainings (Seattle and Minnesota). This track introduces the fundamentals of data, digital organizing and analytics to support base-building and policy organizing campaigns. It does not require previous experience or skills in movement tech and is for anyone who wants to get started or expand their skillset. 
  • Digital Security:  We work with organizational partners to train their staff or members in understanding the surveillance of activists and communities of color, addressing threats and solutions through a power-building lens, while writing and implementing a security policy for their organization.
  • RootsCamp: A gathering of progressive organizers from across issues and around the country, RootsCamp is run as an unconference, and is a place where best practices are shared across movements.
  • Customized Trainings: We are also beginning to integrate movement technology tools into some of our other customized trainings, including governance trainings and movement-building work.

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