Campus Camp Wellstone/Campus Progress Action Network

Campus Camp Wellstone is designing and implementing training programs for the Campus Progress Action Network to support youth-led organizations based on campuses and in communities that work on issues relevant to the Millennial generation. The Action Network is a group of youth-led campaigns from across the country that work on state level policy changes around three focus areas: immigration reform, economic justice for young people, and LGBTQ equality. These youth organizers are fired up and  fierce and their campaigns cover a wide range of issues from coast to coast– from fighting for in-state tuition for undocumented students to creating LGBT resource centers.

This is a custom training for CA Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education (CalSERVE).

The mission of California Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education (CalSERVE) is to fight for access, representation, and social, environmental, and racial justice by utilizing the resources of the Association Students of the University of California at Berkeley. In addition to running issue campaigns that promote increased access and affordability, CalSERVE also campaigns to elect progressive candidates into their student government. CalSERVE is plans to launch a multi-year campaign to repeal (or mitigate) Proposition 209, a law that that has impacted student of color enrollment at public institutions of higher learning in the state.

CalSERVE is proud to have a diverse group of co-sponsoring organizations for this year’s training, including: Cal Berkeley Democrats, Queer Alliance and Resource Center, Black Student Union, Bridges Recruitment and Retention Center (and identity-based orgs under the Bridges umbrella), ASUC (Associated Students of the University of California), and the Student Worker Solidarity Coalition.


Focus Areas
Movement Building