Sometimes you've got to start a fight to win one. 

Online for the first time ever, Wellstone! is a heartfelt and surprisingly funny documentary of a unique political couple.

Thanks to Carry It Forward Productions and Hard Working Pictures:
Directed by Lu Lippold, Dan Luke and Laurie Stern
Written by Laurie Stern
Edited by Dan Luke and Lu Lippold
Music by Jeff Sylvestre
Produced by Pam Colby
Executive Producer, Shayna Berkowitz

The Magic Green School Bus: Paul Wellsone

A half-hour documentary about late teacher and senator from Minnesota, Paul Wellstone. The film was created by a class of 27 fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students at Lake Country School in Minneapolis, working with their teacher Malinda Holte and the artist Mike Hazard. It is for children of all ages. 

Thanks to The Center for International Education. 
Director: Mike Hazard