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  • From 3M to Campaign Management

    In 2011, Gene Nichols was newly-retired from his 32 year career in the healthcare division at 3M. His path to an active political life in retirement had begun just a few years earlier. In 2008, while volunteering on the Obama campaign, he met a fellow volunteer that recruited him to get involved with TakeAction MN, a partner organization of ours and a national model for state-based progressive advocacy. From there, Gene met a Wellstone Action trainer who encouraged him to go to a Camp Wellstone.

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  • Our Party at PhlatPhile in LA: Top Five Things You Missed

    Recently, I helped plan a big party for Wellstone at an awesome gallery in LA. We packed the space with over 50 friends, old and new. Since not everyone could make it to LA, or battle the traffic, here’s a recap of the top five things you missed. 
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  • Road Map to Victory

    Newly-elected Maryland Delegate Cory McCray will readily admit he wasn’t always a perfect voter. “I didn’t start voting until George W Bush was in office. If you looked me up in the VAN file, I’d be in trouble!” But as a small business owner in charge of several rental properties, the more his business grew, the more he began to see how politics was a part of everything.

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  • Bring Them into the Room

    Fed up. Angry. Done. By 1990, Erik Peterson had given up on politics. The former peace movement organizer had stopped voting in protest: No one was seriously talking about race or poverty, both parties were pawns of corporate interests, all our leaders supported more militarization.

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  • **Brushes Shoulders Off**

    As 2015 gets rolling, we’re feeling pretty good here at Wellstone Action HQ. Two months in and we’ve already been to over 10 states, training over a thousand people to organize, to mobilize, and to win progressive power.
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  • "We must love each other and protect each other"

    Maybe Leila’s connection to Wellstone started seven years ago when she helped bring Campus Camp Wellstone (CCW) to her community college, De Anza, in California’s Bay Area. Or maybe the roots of that connection began to grow a great many years earlier.

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  • Changing the Rules

    Our democracy is under siege. Laws are written to disenfranchise millions and our voices go unheard. Progressives organize but are drowned out by radical billionaires. Lines are drawn to divide communities and weaken our power. Too often, our courts are politicized and fail to protect our democracy against these attacks.  

    The rules of the game are stacked against progress. And the very foundation of America’s democracy is at stake.

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