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  • **Brushes Shoulders Off**

    As 2015 gets rolling, we’re feeling pretty good here at Wellstone Action HQ. Two months in and we’ve already been to over 10 states, training over a thousand people to organize, to mobilize, and to win progressive power.
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  • "We must love each other and protect each other"

    Maybe Leila’s connection to Wellstone started seven years ago when she helped bring Campus Camp Wellstone (CCW) to her community college, De Anza, in California’s Bay Area. Or maybe the roots of that connection began to grow a great many years earlier.

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  • Changing the Rules

    Our democracy is under siege. Laws are written to disenfranchise millions and our voices go unheard. Progressives organize but are drowned out by radical billionaires. Lines are drawn to divide communities and weaken our power. Too often, our courts are politicized and fail to protect our democracy against these attacks.  

    The rules of the game are stacked against progress. And the very foundation of America’s democracy is at stake.

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  • Kicking off Alumni Engagement in 2015!

    Recently, we welcomed our newest group of alumni into the Wellstone Action family at an event after our annual Twin Cities Camp Wellstone. The newest class of campers were joined by alumni from past Camps, by a few of our Wellstone Organizing Fellows, and by many more friends and supporters. Alumni were able to network, swap stories, and share what they have been up to since their Wellstone training.

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  • How He Won

    It’s not easy to win a deeply competitive campaign for the State Assembly at age 24. It’s especially tough when you’re a first time candidate, not originally from the area, going up against the corporate education reform movement, and an opponent funded by people like Michael Bloomberg.

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  • We don't want $889 million

    Have you seen the news? The Koch brothers are planning on spending $889 million in 2016.
    If my newsfeed is any indication, progressives are angry, bitter, frustrated. But that’s not how we’re going to win progress. It’s like we say on the back of our t-shirts.
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  • Walking the Walk

    I’ll be honest, running leadership development and training programs is always a little weird: my role is to prepare and support others to do amazing things. And the members of the Wellstone Corps did amazing things, I couldn’t be more proud of them, or more excited to see what they do next.
    Over the last 6 months, I helped lead Wellstone’s most ambitious program yet: Wellstone Corps. From start to finish, we walked the walk of what politics the Wellstone Way means. 
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