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  • A Bold Future

    We’re proud of all we accomplished, together, in 2015 and we're looking forward to great things in 2016. This infographic is a summary of all we've accomplished in 2015.
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  • Winning Enduring Progress: 2014 Annual Report

    We are pleased to share with you the latest annual report. Capping off a busy 2014 with over 120 trainings, partnering with hundreds of frontline organizations, and launching our biggest program-to-date, Wellstone Corps, this report is a powerful affirmation of Wellstone Action's impact in politics and within the progressive movement.

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  • Update - Camp Wellstone: Online

    I wanted to give you an update on Camp Wellstone: Online.

    Earlier this month, we launched our new online learning program, and over the past two weeks over 130 people from 24 states (and Canada!) have joined us for our online classroom on running, and winning, as a progressive candidate.

    Camp Wellstone: Online is one of the most important new initiatives we’ve started this year. And we could only launch it because of support from donors like you..

    As one participant said after the last session:

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  • A Tale of Two Judges

    Hamilton County, Ohio, Judges Jerry Metz and Pat Foley began their careers on a parallel track. Both trace their interest in politics to their childhoods. They even attended the same seminary (though they didn’t know each other at the time!) and then moved on to legal work for the bulk of their careers. And both thank Wellstone for propelling their judicial campaigns.

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  • Why not now?

    “I come from a big family, so organizing big events is in my blood.” Explains Pinky Vargas, “I’ve always been a community organizer.”

    And while her interest in local Bellingham (a Seattle suburb) politics grew over the years – she’d even watch the local access channel’s broadcast of city council meetings – the idea of running for office stayed in the back of her mind to do many years down the line.

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  • Why I’m Missing Pikete

    I spent the second weekend in April at Camp Wellstone Seattle, training organizers to build power, mobilize supporters, and win progress. And then on Monday instead of getting on a plane back to my home in Chicago, I headed to DC.

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  • Open to Whatever Comes Next

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