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  • From My Vote to Our Future

    Changing the choices – who’s running for office and who’s winning elections – is one thing. One very important thing. But Wellstone Action is also focused on changing the electorate, ensuring that those who hold office are held accountable by a powerful, organized progressive movement.

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  • Teacher. Soldier. Coach. Congressman.

    The son of a public school administrator and community activist, Tim grew up in rural Nebraska and spent his summers on his uncle’s farm, learning to grow crops and raise cattle. Tim enlisted in the Army National Guard when he was just 17 years old, and spent more than two decades in service to his country.

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  • From Homelessness to the House of Representatives

    Eleven years ago, Rena Moran moved to Minneapolis with the hope of creating a better life for her family. Single mom to seven youngsters, Rena and her children were homeless for many months while Rena sought out a job and saved up for a place to live.

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  • What if there are more than two candidates in my race?

    In order to make sure your campaign’s resources are used in the most efficient and effective way possible, we use targeting. The idea of your win number is pretty simple: it’s how many votes you need to win, and targeting starts with knowing this basic, but vital, number.
    Calculating your race’s win number with multiple candidates is trickier than if the race has only two candidates. In multiple-candidate races, you will likely not need to get 50% of the vote. However, what plurality of the vote you need will depend on a number of factors including:
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