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  • Happy Birthday, Camp Wellstone

    We’re kicking off something pretty special today: Camp Wellstone Twin Cities. Now, I think that every Camp Wellstone is pretty special. Where else can progressives from all walks of life get a crash course in winning the Wellstone Way?

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  • Minnesota Makes History, the Wellstone Way

    Three weeks ago, on a perfectly sunny and lightly breezy Monday afternoon, I picked up my just-turned-five-year-old daughter from daycare and we made our way to the Minnesota Capitol. 

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  • Paving the Road to Change

    We’re racking up the frequent flyer miles over the summer months ahead. Camp Wellstone, our flagship training program, will give candidates, campaign staffers, and community organizers in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas the tools and skills they’ll need to win the Wellstone Way.

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  • The Decade Ahead

    Ted and Amy Gavin are two of the real people behind Wellstone Action’s work in the world: splitting their time between Minnesota and Pennsylvania, leaders in the progressive movement on a national scale, and loyal supporters of a politics that will improve people’s lives, the Gavins have generously supported Wellstone’s work for half as long as we’ve been around!

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  • Meet Alex Morse

    Meet Alex Morse. He’s a Wellstone Action alumnus. And he’s also the youngest-ever mayor in Massachusetts, and the youngest openly gay mayor in the nation. Elected to public office at age 22, Alex’s first “real job” out of college has been to serve as the mayor of his hometown, a seat he won by just a few hundred votes. How’d he do it?

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  • Paul Would Want It That Way

    Meet Tom Sen Gupta. He believes in Wellstone Action, just as he believed in Paul and Sheila Wellstone. Tom Sen Gupta recalls Paul Wellstone from his Carleton days. His oldest daughter, Stephanie, was one of Paul’s students, and it’s she who first introduced them. “He had a deep belief in ordinary folk.”

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  • Practicing What We Preach

    Edith Sargon and Naomi Long are great trainers and even greater people, it’s true; and they are also the most real and recent example of how Wellstone Action practices what we preach.

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