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  • Strengthening Democracy

    What could be more fundamental than the right of every American to vote?

    Yet we know the goal of a fully inclusive democracy is far from our grasp. The lines at the polls are too long, voting rights are too limited, and the doors for decision makers are too often shut to the rest of us.

    Across the country, the work for a stronger democracy is championed by State Voices. They empower state networks, or “tables,” of civic engagement groups with the resources, trainings, and capacity-building skills they need to engage more Americans in our democratic process.

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  • The Changing Present

    The demographics of the United States are changing: Today, 30% of Americans identify as a minority and by 2050, we’ll be a majority-minority country.

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  • Photo credit: Daniel Yang

    “The Original Community Organizers”

                                                                                                            (Photo credit: Daniel Yang )

    The continued challenges that tribal nations face when it comes to protecting their sovereignty in relationship with the United States government were well illustrated recently as Congress debated reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Back in 1994, Sheila Wellstone helped lead the movement to pass the original version of the law. And in 2013, its reauthorization provided an opportunity to strengthen the law.

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  • DOMA and Our Dad

    Dave and Mark Wellstone sent this email to the Wellstone Action community. If you'd like to join our email list, please click here. 


    Change happens. Sometimes it happens in the blink of an eye, but often it takes decades of organizing, fighting, and struggling for what’s right.

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  • A Tea Party Trouncing in New Hampshire

    Q: How do you take a 194-seat Tea Party majority and undo it in a single election?
    A: You Call Us!
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  • Standing with Young Americans

    Student debt pushes the American dream further out of our reach. Guns enter our campuses and communities with tragic results. DREAMers seek human rights and are rebuffed by partisan bickering.

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  • Photo credit: Florida New Majority on Facebook

    Florida New Majority: The Fight for Florida

    As Goes Florida, So Goes the Nation? This isn’t a rhetorical question. For many years now, Florida has flickered brightly in that bottom corner of the map, the place to pay attention to if you want to gauge our country’s political temperature.
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