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  • Join Us in D.C.

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  • Deepening the Alumni Experience

    We’re proud of Camp Wellstone because there’s no better program out there to gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a progressive changemaker. We also know that the work of progressives is only just beginning after they graduate from Camp Wellstone.

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  • That Ah-Hah Moment

    Our trainers spend every day winning the Wellstone Way. They are campaign managers, elected officials, nonprofit executives, and highly sought-after strategists.

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  • World’s Best Father’s Day Gift

    There are normal Father’s Day gifts: a nice tie, tickets to a baseball game, or a night out to a fancy restaurant. And then there’s an awesome Father’s Day gift: Camp Wellstone.

    Joe Decker, of Worthington Ohio, has always been deeply dedicated to his family and his community. From PTA, local commissions, and nonprofit boards, serving his community is a passion, and a responsibility, for Joe. Luckily, his family’s got his back, “My family has always been really sweet about supporting me, even if I had to leave dinner early.”

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  • Progressives and Cookies

    One of the truly wonderful perks about organizing Camp Wellstones across the country is that I get to meet some incredible, passionate progressives. Another perk is that sometimes those progressives bring me cookies.

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  • Running for fun. Running to win.

    In 2011, Cathy Lehman found herself among peers at the Washington Conservation Voters local county chapter candidate recruitment committee meeting  (whew!) working to identifying folks who should run for office. Cathy thought she was there to help identify others, but little did she know that her peers would turn the tables, “What about you Cathy, why don’t you run?” Cathy says there were other reasons that spurred her decision to run, but being asked by her peers was the most notable.

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  • Part 2: Gutting the Voting Rights Act: How the Supreme Court’s Shelby v. Holder decision Strikes at the Heart of Voting Rights and Our Political Process

    Editor’s Note: There’s nothing more fundamental to our democracy than protecting the rights of every voter. At Wellstone Action, we work with organizations who are dedicated to protecting and expanding voting rights for every American. This is work that is going to be a growing focus of ours in 2014 and beyond.

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