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  • A Life Inside the Wellstone Triangle

    At Wellstone Action we spend a lot of time talking about the Wellstone Triangle – and for good reason. The only way real, sustained, progressive change happens is when we connect grassroots organizing, electoral politics, and public policy into a movement for good.

    But here’s what you need to know: the Wellstone Triangle isn’t some hypothetical theory cooked up in an ivory tower; instead it’s the proven route for progressives who want to win lasting change.

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  • What I Did For My Birthday

    What better way to celebrate my birthday than with 60 progressives in gorgeous Bozeman, Montana?

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  • A Texas As Good As Its People

    Size wasn’t something that mattered to Paul Wellstone. Small but mighty was how he was often described, and Paul was never the type of guy to let the size or scope of things – from the powerful corporate interests controlling Washington to his longshot bid to become a Senator in the first place – get in the way.

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  • Winning in Albany, the Wellstone Way

    Across the country, Wellstone Action equips candidates with the nuts and bolts of running—and winning—a progressive campaign. And as primary results started rolling in across the Empire State on Tuesday, we saw a powerful example of winning progressive change the Wellstone Way.

    For its entire history, 74 men have led New York’s Capital City, Albany, as its mayor. But on Tuesday, Kathy Sheehan won her contentious primary, and she did it the Wellstone Way. In winning the primary, Kathy took a major step forward in becoming the city’s first female mayor.

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  • Opportunity in Adversity

    Knocked down. Beat up. Backed into a corner. So it is to be a union member in Michigan these days.

    Where once stood the motor city, the hub for working Americans to settle down and earn a fair wage to make it into the middle class, now stands a city in bankruptcy and a state in crisis. And while Michigan workers are fighting to rebound, state conservatives are standing in the way, sneaking a so-called “Right to Work” law through a lame-duck legislative session.

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  • Building a Legacy, One Training at a Time

    Matt Dannenberg will proudly tell you that it was because of a Wellstone Action training that he got hired at his current job. Back in the fall of 2009, Matt was an environmental studies major in his senior year at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He was nervous about his impending graduation, and he attended a Campus Camp Wellstone through the PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) on campus.

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  • Teacher. Camper. Donor.

    Louis Watanabe would tell you that his interest in politics has been part of his life for a long time, starting back in high school.

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