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  • Meet the Crew at Data and Analytics Camp

    It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the first Data and Analytics Camp class of 2017! 

    group photo of 40 data practitioners at conference center

    Data and Analytics Camp 2017 in Miami

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  • Data and Analytics Camp Stands with Miami

    Last Friday, when the Miami-Dade County Commission voted to collaborate with ICE and place our communities at risk, we were horrified. We believe that our public and political leaders should act to strengthen our communities, not tear them apart.

    We asked our partners on the ground how we could help. The answer: "Come to Miami." 

    Wellstone is proud to stand in solidarity with our allies and partners in Florida who are resisting this threat to our communities; however we also know the risks that come with traveling to cities with hateful, anti-immigrant policies. 

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  • Data and Analytics Camp: Suiting up for the Fight Ahead

    Friday and Saturday were a study in contrast so fierce it took my breath away. On Friday, the threats to our communities reached a viciousness and a scale many of us haven’t seen. Yet Saturday we saw a wave of new energy and support, banging on our doors, ready to be a part of the fight. 

    As organizers, it is our task to step up and meet the moment. For me, as an NOI Data Bootcamp and Bernie 2016 Data Team alum, that means harnessing data and analytics to support long term community organizing as well as electoral wins. We can do both and in this moment, we have to.

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  • What if there are more than two candidates in my race?

    In order to make sure your campaign’s resources are used in the most efficient and effective way possible, we use targeting. The idea of your win number is pretty simple: it’s how many votes you need to win, and targeting starts with knowing this basic, but vital, number.
    Calculating your race’s win number with multiple candidates is trickier than if the race has only two candidates. In multiple-candidate races, you will likely not need to get 50% of the vote. However, what plurality of the vote you need will depend on a number of factors including:
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