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  • A Mid-Year Update From The Board of Directors

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    For almost 15 years, Wellstone Action has championed a politics that improves people’s lives. We know our theory of change is strong: If we train progressives to run values-based and people-centered campaigns and organizations, we build a more inclusive politics for our communities.

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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Our New Online Coding Cohorts

    By: Arianna Trujillo-Wesler, Director of Data Engineering and Community

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  • The Next Chapter

    Recently, we shared some difficult but necessary decisions our Board of Directors made regarding the composition of the Board. This was a decision that was made for the longevity and healthy continuation of the work that we’re known for: empowering and training leaders across the progressive movement, rooted in our core values and beliefs.

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  • Movement Technology Trainings in 2018

    At Wellstone, our Movement Technology program is about people and the connections between us -- not tech for tech’s sake.

    In 2016, we began this body of work because we saw that technology was getting farther and farther away from the core components of what makes organizing so powerful: people. Our framework has evolved over the last two years, and we’re proud to report that organizers and communicators that come through our doors are creatively equipped with the skills to face an increasingly complicated world.

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  • 2017: What You Made Possible

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for your continued support of Wellstone this year – here’s what you made possible.

    Back these bold leaders in 2018 -- thanks for your continued support.

    Happy holidays,

    The Wellstone Team


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  • rootscamp logo

    What is RootsCamp?

    In November, Wellstone will be hosting RootsCamp -- an annual gathering of progressive organizers from across issues and around the country who learn, celebrate, and grow together.

    RootsCamp isn’t your everyday gathering; it’s an unconference. Instead of pre-set powerpoints and expert panels, participants design sessions and decide the program. The idea is to bring together progressives of all stripes as equals, and have an honest exchange of ideas. When we learn from one another, we take away new ideas, make new connections, and strengthen our work.

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  • Our Statement on the Grand Jury’s Decision in Ferguson

    We are saddened but not surprised. We are angered but not deterred. 
    Yesterday, a grand jury chose not to indict Michael Brown's killer, Darren Wilson. Today, the quest for justice marches on. Michael Brown was the victim of police violence, and of a justice system that has failed families of color for too long.
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