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  • A Tea Party Trouncing in New Hampshire

    Q: How do you take a 194-seat Tea Party majority and undo it in a single election?
    A: You Call Us!
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  • Join Our Team

    Guiding a people-centered, progressive politics. Winning on some of the most critical social justice issues of our time. That’s what we do at Wellstone Action – and we invite you to join us.

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  • On the Road to Victory with Susan Allen

    Minnesota State Rep. Susan Allen knows a thing or two about sticking up for what she believes in. Again and again, Rep. Allen has taken on big fights, and tough odds, and won for a bold progressive cause.

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  • What a Difference a Decade Makes

    By now you know that we’re celebrating Camp Wellstone’s 10th birthday. It’s true, it was the late spring of 2003 that, in partnership with the good folks at Grassroots Solutions, we held our very first Camp Wellstone.

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  • Jeff Blodgett on Winning the Wellstone Way: from Wellstone ’02 to Obama ’12

    Nobody gets what it means to win the Wellstone way like Jeff Blodgett does. And at Camp Wellstone last Saturday, Jeff led a special session for campers and community members titled, “Winning the Wellstone Way: from Wellstone ’02 to Obama ’12.”

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  • Paving the Road to Change

    We’re racking up the frequent flyer miles over the summer months ahead. Camp Wellstone, our flagship training program, will give candidates, campaign staffers, and community organizers in Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas the tools and skills they’ll need to win the Wellstone Way.

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