A Mid-Year Update From The Board of Directors

July 20, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

For almost 15 years, Wellstone Action has championed a politics that improves people’s lives. We know our theory of change is strong: If we train progressives to run values-based and people-centered campaigns and organizations, we build a more inclusive politics for our communities.

With so much at stake, we remain dedicated to this vision by practicing a more inclusive politics and transforming our democracy. We’re proud to continue the work of expanding our analysis of what justice looks like for all our people -- and equipping our leaders with the skillsets, tools, and frameworks to advance progressive agendas that honor and reflect the lived experiences of our communities.

This is a time of phenomenal transformation for us, and it's all happening within the reality of our political climate, which is turbulent and uncertain. We see our communities targeted by hateful rhetoric and horrific policies. So we stand with our people in fighting back and demanding better.

As we head into the second half of this year, Wellstone is continuing to stand strong on our organizational priorities:

  • Delivering first-class training and leadership development across the country;
  • Investing in online and offline programming to make our curriculum and pedagogy accessible to anyone who’s interested;
  • Expanding our cutting-edge movement technology work by providing critical technical services and training to frontline organizations fighting for racial, social, and economic justice;
  • Collaborating with local leaders to shape the inclusive democracy movement;
  • Hosting Rootscamp 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland to debrief the midterm elections

While we continue to support local organizations and networks to build political progressive power, we are also undergoing transformation inside our organization. A few updates:

Jessie Ulibarri, one of our Interim Executive Directors, will be taking on a new role as Executive Director at our partner organization, State Innovation Exchange. His work building Wellstone’s program team, managing partnerships, and growing our trainer-practitioner team is deeply appreciated -- and particularly, we want to thank him for his leadership at this organization. We look forward to working closely with him in his new role working with progressive state legislators to develop their abilities to co-govern with our movements.

Sara Beth Mueller will continue as Wellstone’s Acting Executive Director and will continue our commitment to collaborative and inclusive leadership in all of our work.

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a national search for two permanent Executive Directors -- leadership positions that will focus on programmatic strategy as well as infrastructure and impact. We’re excited to continue growing our team and look forward to hearing from you about who might be able to join us.

As you know, we have also started an organizational rebrand process; stay tuned for more from us as we embark on a journey to envision a new name, visual identity, look, and feel.

Our Board of Directors is expanding! We’re excited to grow our network of trusted advisors who provide guidance on Wellstone’s programs, strategies, and impact and vision of inclusive public and political leadership development. Stay tuned for the news on who will be joining us.

All of us at Wellstone Action are committed to staying clear-headed and confident about our values and purpose and look forward to building with you in the years to come.

In solidarity, and with gratitude,
The Board of Directors of Wellstone Action and Wellstone Action Fund

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