The Next Chapter

February 23, 2018

Recently, we shared some difficult but necessary decisions our Board of Directors made regarding the composition of the Board. This was a decision that was made for the longevity and healthy continuation of the work that we’re known for: empowering and training leaders across the progressive movement, rooted in our core values and beliefs.

We’ve also received some questions from you about what’s next, upcoming changes, and what you can expect from us moving forward. We wanted to respond to those questions and give you -- our supporters and champions -- a preview of the exciting developments that are in our future.

First, our mission remains the same: building progressive leadership across the country, to make transformative change in communities with the goal of improving people’s lives. We’re proud to have started this work fifteen years ago with a mandate from Paul and Sheila Wellstone to build an equitable world where “we all do better when we all do better.” Their commitment to empowering others and fighting for social, economic, racial, and gender justice is a legacy that we are proud to have in our DNA.

Second, we know that a lot has changed over the last fifteen years -- not only in our organizational growth, but in our world. We started as a small staff based in Minnesota; now, we have an incredibly diverse staff located all over the country, an expert training team, and tens of thousands of alumni we call our community.  The progressive movement also looks different today than it did when we first started. Our leaders come from many communities and hold a spectrum of ideas. Organizing tactics and new technologies have evolved. And our fights, while still centered around the pursuit of justice, have also changed. As we’ve undergone this process of transition, we’ve thought a lot about how our organization, our brand, and our voice needs to reflect these changes in our society.

Third, we’re looking forward to telling the story of who we have become, and our collective future.  An important next step in this process is that we’ve made the decision to undergo a full organizational rebrand. This process won’t happen overnight -- we’ll spend deliberate and intentional time over the next year thinking about our story, our community, and our place in the movement as we write this new chapter together. This means we’ll have a new name, a new look, and most importantly: we'll have an updated identity that reflects the fullness and depth of the thousands of hearts and minds that have influenced this work over the last decade.

We’ll be inviting you along with us on this journey -- which means you will hear from us as we go through this process. You are the reason why our organization, our impact, and our legacy is so strong. 

We’re proud to be an organization that values justice, equity, and liberation. We’re looking forward to seeing what we become, together, as we head into this new chapter.

We’re excited to walk into this with you all by our side. Thanks for your support today, and in the future.

In Solidarity,

The Wellstone Action Staff and Board of Directors