Meet the Crew at Data and Analytics Camp

March 31, 2017

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the first Data and Analytics Camp class of 2017! 

group photo of 40 data practitioners at conference center

Data and Analytics Camp 2017 in Miami

This 41 person crew is badass: They’re queer, brown, Southern, overwhelmingly femme, focused on long term community organizing work and the vast majority of them received scholarships from us. 

By the end of the week, our movement will have:

  • 18 more skilled data practitioners in targeted states where Wellstone is building political power
  • 23 new data practitioners in the South
  • 20 new data practitioners who are actively looking for work

This is huge because we have far fewer data practitioners than we need in this movement and even fewer with an understanding of how to use data strategically to support impactful organizing. And we’re not just creating data practitioners. Oh no, these are different practitioners than the movement’s trained in the past:

  • 55% of our attendees are femme identifying
  • 30% of our attendees identify as LGBTQ
  • 48% of our attendees identify as indigenous or people of color
  • 62% of our attendees were only able to come because we offered them scholarship money 
  • 88% of our scholarships were for 50% or more of tuition

The vast majority of those attending are invested in long term, community building work. We’re lifting up and expanding capacity for people who have historically been locked out of these resources.

Ya'll, this crew is inspired. They are passionate organizers, thoughtful analysts, and whip-smart strategists. 

The impact these organizers will have on our movement is important for all of us. We had 200 applicants for 40 slots and we have another training just like this in August. The 26 trainees who are here today because of a scholarship are not alone. Will you help? 
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