Data and Analytics Camp Stands with Miami

February 22, 2017

Last Friday, when the Miami-Dade County Commission voted to collaborate with ICE and place our communities at risk, we were horrified. We believe that our public and political leaders should act to strengthen our communities, not tear them apart.

We asked our partners on the ground how we could help. The answer: "Come to Miami." 

Wellstone is proud to stand in solidarity with our allies and partners in Florida who are resisting this threat to our communities; however we also know the risks that come with traveling to cities with hateful, anti-immigrant policies. 

If you are willing and able to come to Data and Analytics Camp in Miami, and join us in standing in solidarity with folks on the ground, we urge you to apply. 

Applications close this Friday, February 24 and scholarships are available. 

However, if the policies of Miami-Dade give you pause, please let us know. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the access and opportunity to learn, thrive, and fight for themselves and their families. Let us know what you need to make that possible. 

In addition, our second DAC of 2017 will be held in Minnesota July 31-August 4. If you're interested, make sure you're on the mailing list, to recieve an annoucement email when applications open up.