Building Progressive Power Coast to Coast

February 23, 2017

Each week, we're confronted with another threat to our communities; last week's assault on immigrants leads painfully to this week's attack on transgender kids. We do this work of resisting, of persevering, knowing full well that it doesn't stop here: that another hateful executive order is just around the corner. 

And we aren't going anywhere. In these first months of the new administration, Wellstone has turned toward what we already know: we can't cede power anywhere. 

We need to grow power where we have it, deeply investing in our progressive cities and states as we push toward 2018.

And we will welcome those who are newer to this fight, who might be hungry to step into this work for the first time, and who also understand that there's a lot to learn from the folks who have been building our movement for years.

A key part of Wellstone's work in the states is building the capacity of progressive candidates, campaigners, and organizers. Through our time-tested programs like Camp Wellstone and Advanced Campaign Management School to our newer programs like Digital Organizer School and Data and Analytics Camp, Wellstone is meeting this moment by expanding our trainings to reach more people than ever before. 

We hope you'll join us. Our movement, and this moment, needs you now more than ever.  Check out the training map to find out how you can resist, the Wellstone Way.