Data and Analytics Camp: Suiting up for the Fight Ahead

January 26, 2017

Friday and Saturday were a study in contrast so fierce it took my breath away. On Friday, the threats to our communities reached a viciousness and a scale many of us haven’t seen. Yet Saturday we saw a wave of new energy and support, banging on our doors, ready to be a part of the fight. 

As organizers, it is our task to step up and meet the moment. For me, as an NOI Data Bootcamp and Bernie 2016 Data Team alum, that means harnessing data and analytics to support long term community organizing as well as electoral wins. We can do both and in this moment, we have to.

That’s why I'm so excited to be announcing the first Data and Analytics Camp of the year: a five day intensive training that integrates the latest tech innovations with best practices from the field and digital. 

From uniting online and offline action to securing databases and preparing for surveillance, our goal is to arm this generation of progressives with the tools we need to build and fight in this new era of organizing.

Data and Analytics Camp
April 3-7 in Florida
Scholarships are available and applications close on February 24. 

In the coming months and years, you and I both know how important it will be that every sign up, every signature, every door knock and every call goes where it is needed most. For that to happen, we need passionate, knowledgeable people in our movement using every tool available. 

Let’s meet this moment.

Apply today!