A Huge Thank You to Our Data BootCamp Team!

February 24, 2016
group photo of data bootcamp participants and coaches

This month's Data BootCamp was the first of several crucial trainings that are new to Wellstone this year as part of our commitment to continue the work of New Organizing Institute.

Data BootCamp was a six-day intensive training for those working in (or transitioning to) data-related positions in the progressive movement. When we say intense, we really mean it. The 56 trainees worked long and HARD, and walked away with an arsenal of new and improved skills from VAN to SQL to GIS and so much more.

Getting everyone through to the other side was an immense undertaking that took the time and dedication of an incredible team of people, many of whom stepped up from within the NOI community to help cultivate the new crop of progressive data experts.

Here, we wanted to lift up -- all in one place -- that extended team of data experts, trainers, and community members who made this training successful:

First and foremost: Bridgit Donnelly and Cristina Sinclaire who worked tirelessly -- both at the training itself and in the months leading up to it -- to coordinate everything from trainer and coach recruitment, to day-to-day logistics at the training itself.

Benjy Messner who chaired the advisory committee calls, helped edit the participant guide, and provided incredibly valuable assistance before, during, and after the training.

All the members of the advisory committee who helped us understand what had been done before and worked hard to pull all of the necessary pieces together: Kat Atwater, JamaƤ Bickley-King, Bridgit Donnelly, Audra Grassia, Rachel Gutauskas, John Hagner, Benjy Messner, Kym Neck, Sam Nitz, Russ Rampersad, Dan Scarvalone, Cristina Sinclaire Lena Tom, Rachel Gutauskas and Sam Nitz for their time and patience reviewing applications and their leadership in that process.

Matthew Phillips and Brian Capuder who spent hours & hours building and updating a database of fake data for VAN and SQL training.

Bianca Mounce who coordinated the Civis Platform training instance set up, worked with Catalist to upload the file, and provided ongoing support throughout the training. Dessa Gypalo who coordinated the VAN training instance set up, worked with Catalist to upload the file, and provided ongoing support throughout the training.

Rachel Gutauskas for assisting with curriculum feedback and helping develop final evaluations.

Kate Dahl who also assisted with curriculum feedback and developed the skills assessment for participants.

Carter Kalchik and Jess Garson who both helped edit the participant guide. Kass DeVorsey helped with trainer and coach recruitment.

Andrew Greenberg for his work on the Data BootCamp website.

All of the coaches and trainers who not only taught skills, but actively engaged participants all week answering questions, troubleshooting and making themselves ever-present for the learning process: Nick Ahamed, Hillary Anderson, Haris Aqeel, Pete Backof, JamaƤ Bickley-King, Emily Callen, Brian Capuder, Kwesi Chappin, Chris Coger, Bridgit Donnelly, Cara Feldkamp , Noah Glusenkamp, Audra Grassia, Rachel Gutauskas, Dessa Gypalo, John Hagner, Amy Hepner, Nathan Hoffman, Carter Kalchik, Tim Lumpkins, Nirmal Mankani, Santiago Martinez, Rosa Mendoza, Benjy Messner, Bianca Mounce, Kym Neck, Eric Nelson, Ed Niles, Sam Nitz, Emily Norman, Martha Norrick, Herschel Pecker, Matthew Phillips, Russ Rampersad, Sonya Reynolds, Elyse Ross, Matt Saniie, Dan Scarvalone, Becca Siegel, Cristina Sinclaire, Lena Tom, Annie Wang, Trevor Wong, Michael Wood.

These people for helping participants move their skills forward by reviewing the nightly homework projects: Aaron Strauss, Amir Aman, Amy Hepner, Annie Wang, Audra Grassia, Becca Siegel, Bianca Mounce, Carter Kalchik, Colleen Gruszynski, Cristina Sinclaire, David Joseph, Dessa Gypalo, Elyse Ross, Emily Callen, Jared Kahanek, Jonathan Robinson, Josh Latto, Josh Uretsky, Joshua Yazman, Kate Dahl, Kayla Benker, Lena Tom, Martha Norrick, Nathaniel Parks, Owen Henry, Pete Backof, Tim Lumpkins, Tony Whittaker, Trevor Wong.

These people for helping with application review and interviews: Pete Backof, Kayla Benker, Brett Benson, Kwesi Chappin, Lauren Deitz, Dessa Gypalo, Bryan Hageny, John Hagner, Jennifer Higgins, Nathan Hoffmann, Matt Johnson, Carter Kalchik, Drew Keener, Brad Lippmann, John Malloy, Lauren Mayeaux, Genny Mayhew, Amit Mistry, Eric Nelson, Martha Norrick, Herschel Pecker, Luke Peterson, Kathryn Poindexter, Kelly Schmitz, Amelia Showalter, Becca Siegel, Cristina Sinclaire, Taylor Terry, Lena Tom, Erik Wallenius, Annie Wang, Ben Young, Michelle Zeiler.

Wellstone staff who worked on this training: Aaron Browning, Jennifer Sconyers, Mysti Bijnagte, Naomi Long, Edith Sargon, Andy Fuller, Rachel Weeks, Sara Beth Mueller, Leah Olm.

All of the staff at CCMIT for keeping us comfortable and cared for all week.

Finally, we'd like to extend one more thank you to all of our sponsors whose financial assistance provided scholarships and lowered costs for participants who might not otherwise be able to attend.