The Year Ahead

January 8, 2016

You already know that 2016 is going to be a big year. With a critical Presidential election on the line, we know that protecting our democracy is essential at both the federal and local level – and with your help, we can make sure that all across this country, we are practicing a politics that improves people’s lives.

Here’s what’s on tap for Wellstone in 2016:

  • Winning in the States: We are changing the choices for who’s in charge. Conservatives have made unprecedented gains in the states, and in 2016, we’re tripling down on our work to reverse this trend. There are 16 key states where we will be working with key movement partners to train and support progressive champions who can move a bold governing agenda in 2017. We’ll be practicing a politics where everybody’s in, nobody’s out, no exceptions.
  • Equipping Ballot Measure Campaigns to Win: Alongside our partners at Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, we will prepare another group of practitioners to contest for progressive power at the highest level - stopping bad ballot initiatives in their tracks, and advancing progressive initiatives that promote social, racial, economic, and gender justice in our communities.
  • Advancing a Unified Center for Progressive Movement and Political Leadership: This year, Wellstone was honored to be asked to carry forward the legacies of our long-time partners at New Organizing Institute and Progressive Majority. In 2016, we will build on this opportunity to expand our public and political leadership pipelines and take emerging campaign technologies to the next level. It all starts with Data BootCamp and Advanced Campaign Management School this February, with many more trainings to come.
  • Reclaiming and Expanding Our Democracy: Who gets to participate in our democracy depends on the rules of democratic participation. We're pushing back against conservative attacks on voting rights by developing the strategic capacity of state-based organizations fighting to expand the right to vote, improve election administration, implement fair redistricting, and ensure impartial courts. Wellstone's already working in 12 states and we'll be expanding in 2016 to prepare for 2020 redistricting.
  • Creating Youth and Movement Leadership Pathways: No significant progressive social movement has thrived without youth leadership. We are expanding our work in the states, connecting youth training on campuses with specific campaigns and organizations to launch the careers of our next generation of progressive leaders.